It Couldn’t Just Happen – Lawrence Richards

There’s not enough time for mutations to have taken place to account for the wide variety among the species. Each difference requires very complex chemical processes to coordinate perfectly  in order to work effectively.

Darwinism Under the Microscope – James Gill, MD & Tom Woodward, PhD

When you take a closer look at Darwinian evolution, these isn’t any scientific evidence supporting it. 

Dinosaur – Carl Baugh, PhD


The Lie – Ken Ham


Already Gone – Ken Ham & Britt Beemer

Evolutionary indoctrination starts early in our children’s education. One hour of Sunday School each week is not enough to guard their minds. If parents cannot give them clear reasons for creation, they are likely to leave the church once they leave home.

Answers in Genesis – Ken Ham

There was only a single volume when I read this years ago.