Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus – Nabeel Quershi

A first-hand account of the cultural and doctrinal obstacles one Muslim man faced as he was confronted with the claims of Christ.

Out of Their Faces and Into Their Shoes – John Kramp

Sometimes Christians speak in a condescending way to those still lost. If we first treat the lost with respect, we may gain more opportunities to share the Gospel with them.

How Good Is Good Enough? – Andy Stanley

Most Americans assume they will get into heaven if they are good enough. Stanley shows that it’s impossible to measure how good you are doing. It’s much better to accept God’s gift of eternal life through faith instead of trying to earn your own entrance.

Lifestyle Evangelism – Dr. Joe Aldrich

The Apostle Paul told us to make the most of every opportunity. Dr. Alrich gives some practical steps to salt our conversations with grace so that the Gospel is heard.