Becoming familiar with the Bible can be a daunting task for the new believer. He or she is often thrown into a Bible study without any foundation. These materials are written for the new believer who has little or no knowledge of the Bible. 
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3 promises from Bible explains what happened when they received Christ.  An overview of Jesus’ life for those unfamiliar with Bible. 

Overview of the Bible, along with its main characters and story. Helpful steps to become familiar with the Bible.

It is not uncommon for new believers to question their salvation. Here I define three biblical words to give them confidence.

Six remarkable changes or transactions that take place the moment a person places their trust in Jesus Christ.

Explains why every follower of Christ still struggles with sin and how the Bible can help us to have victory in that struggle. 

Baptism is an important symbol of our relationship with Christ, but it is not an essential part of our salvation.

Jesus provided clear instruction for talking with our heavenly Father. Helps new believers be comfortable speaking with Him.

Explains difference between their testimony and the Gospel, and the importance of each. Also provides a tool to share Gospel.

Shows the importance of meeting with other believers on a regular basis for worship and equipping.

Shows importance of daily time with God in the Bible. Provides simple tools to do so for next 30 days through the book of Philippians. 

The Christian life is a supernatural life that can only be successfully lived by the Holy Spirit in us. 

A simple diagram which shows the major activities or habits that are important to strengthen our relationship with Christ.

Shows why memorizing Scripture is important and can be accomplished by anyone. Provides a simple method for memorizing Scripture. 

Explores Jesus’ claims to being God in the flesh. Though fully man, He was fully God. Deity of Christ is foundation to Christianity. 

What inspiration means. The Bible is like no other book. Undeniable proofs that the Bible is accurate and can be fully trusted.

The resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead is the single most important event in history,      as well as the basis for Christianity. 

The Good News of salvation is not a new idea with the arrival of Jesus. It is God’s plan, which He set in motion long ago. 

Someday Jesus will return to this world in a sky show that is unrivaled by man. He will establish a kingdom of righteousness.